For the second consecutive year, Comal County ranks as the 2nd fastest growing county in the nation percentage-wise at +5.4% (2017-2018). Numerically, the county added 7,583 new citizens since 2017.

For the period 2010-2018, Comal County ranked #6 in percentage growth in the nation. Numerically, the county ranked 68th. The DFW metro area added 131,767 residents between 2017-18, placing it #1 in numeric growth in that period of time. Bexar County ranked #9 with all counties in the nation for numeric growth with +27,208 between 2017-18. 

Austin-Round Rock added 53,086 in the 2017-18 time frame and a whopping 451,995 since 2010. That ranked Austin-Round Rock #9 in the nation in metro numeric growth for that time period. 

Figures for cities will be coming out in the coming months. New Braunfels has ranked #2 for the last two years the surveys were released by the U.S. Census Bureau.

The population growth in the county is good news for retailers, home builders, home sellers, and medical service providers.