Sporting an updated logo for the first time since the founding of the organization 15 years ago, the GNBEDF is launching a membership drive under the leadership of Sandy Payson.  Payson is communicating with prospective companies currently, utilizing a new membership brochure and revised benefits.

According to Payson, membership provides companies a “seat at the table” with local stakeholders and elected officials on a regular basis.  The Foundation retains the services of the professional economic staff at the Chamber of Commerce to represent the Foundation in their job-creating efforts.  The City of New Braunfels likewise does the same.

Membership provides staffing for these recruitment and retention efforts, a one-stop shop point of contact for prospects, a private-sector perspective, strategic planning for economic development, a resource team for project management, start-up and entrepreneurship assistance, employee recruitment, and access to 4 all-member board luncheons.  The GNBEDF is a 501c3 not for profit with dues 100% tax deductible.