Someone once asked – How do you know what our workforce health looks like? The answer is that we have a good understanding of the workforce based upon surveys that are provided to employees – but, we all know how these surveys sometimes work; maybe they get answered, maybe the first few have an honest answer then become click through as fast as you can to get done!

The society today and the use of the cell phone has created a means to “count” those that are coming into New Braunfels, staying for about 8 hours for more than just a couple of day a week, then leaving for the day to a community outside of ours. One could make the assumption that they are employed in New Braunfels and therefore should be categorized as such.

The 2020 Labor Shed Analysis provides in-depth analysis of what qualities the local workforce posses, including: income, spending habits, hobbies and more.  Click here to view the study.