Team New Braunfels and McCoy’s Building Supply – Door and Millwork bring home the Texas Economic Development Council – Community Economic Development Award for transferability. The project began as a business retention and expansion visit when the Team NB visited the McCoy’s Facility in New Braunfels. The McCoy’s Site Leadership Team mentioned that they were at 100% production and were still receiving new orders daily – which left them behind on the door and millwork demand.

The McCoy’s Team was told about a Generation III manufacturing building that was not too far from their existing facility that needed some TLC – but may be a great fit for the McCoy’s Team expansion. The architects and engineers took some rough measurements and began to design the flow of work through the building – the result was that the building met the production needs. About two weeks later the project transition team met again at the building and there were more measurements and more what if scenarios proposed – then the comment was “we will take it, how soon can we close.”

Closing occurred quickly, and the McCoy’s Team, engineers and architects were busy drawing on tablets and taking pictures while the closing was progressing. The NBEDC team calculated the cost benefit analysis of retaining the McCoy’s production facility in New Braunfels and realized that they may be able to supplement the business expansion if there was delta in the project. The McCoy’s Team was presented with the idea that the NBEDC Team could help with some of the infrastructure upgrade needs if needed, and McCoy’s estimated that they were going to add 25 full-time employees, and 15 temporary employees to the existing 75 employees to the New Braunfels location’ resulting in a total of over 100 employees.

The day after closing, the demolition permits were submitted, and the preconstruction meeting was held. Walls were removed, this floor was leveled, the overhead lights were replaced, and the office space gutted. Fast forward – after 60 days of demolition and construction, the production equipment began to move from the old location to the new, and 90 days later the McCoy’s Team began production in their new facility.

The onset of the pandemic in 2020 delayed the official ribbon cutting – or in McCoy’s fashion, a board cutting but the new facility was opened. The Generation III facility looks great inside and outside and the production levels have increased 60% since opening the new location. Employee hiring levels are on track to reach 100 soon. “This is an opportunity to expand our door and millwork manufacturing while bringing nearly 40 jobs to the New Braunfels community over the next five years,” says Waylon Walker, Senior VP of Merchandising and Operations.

The project was awarded a Community Economic Development Award for transferability of the project process for other communities throughout Texas to follow. Additionally, the award will be presented to the Southern Economic Development Council in 2022 for award consideration as well.