Comal County and the City of New Braunfels have two school districts: New Braunfels ISD is primarily within the city limits and Comal Independent School District which spans 589 miles of central Texas, including parts of five central Texas counties: Comal, Bexar, Hays, Kendall, and Guadalupe.

CISD has 12 elementary schools, five middle schools, and three high schools in the district and is rated as a Recognized school district by the Texas Education Agency. NBISD has 11 total schools within the district and rated as an academically accepted school district.

To keep pace with the explosive population growth in the area, both CISD and NBISD have passed bond issues to build and expand schools, upgrade technology and purchase land for future schools. On May 9, 2015, voters in the Comal Independent School District approved a nearly $150 million bond package. The $147.7 million bond is based on the district’s plan to address growing enrollment in middle schools, along with capital projects at existing facilities and student safety and security. An estimated $94 million of the bond package will go toward the construction of two new middle schools. Since 1999, NBISD voters have approved $117 million worth of bonds and is considering a bond election in November 2015 that could total as much as 130-million dollars.

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New Braunfels ISD

Sept ’14 Enrollment: 8,265
Student / Teacher Ratio (’13): 17:3
May 2015 Graduates: 650
Attendance Rate (TX Avg 95.5%): 95.8%

Comal ISD

Sept ’14 Enrollment: 18,614
Student / Teacher Ratio (’13): 15.1
May 2015 Graduates: 1,380
Attendance Rate (TX Avg 95.5%): 95.6%

Average ACT/SAT Scores

Average SAT Score

Class of 2014: 1026
Class of 2013: 1028

Average ACT Score
Class of 2014: 22.3
Class of 2013: 21.9

Canyon/Smithson Valley/Canyon Lake High School
Average SAT Score

Class of 2014: 1492
Class of 2013: 1470

Average ACT Score
Class of 2014: 22.3
Class of 2013: 22.0

The source for the information above is the New Braunfels ISD and the Comal ISD. For more information visit New Braunfels ISD or Comal ISD

Start-up training programs for industry are available through local school districts working in cooperation with the Texas Department of commerce, Texas Education Agency and Texas Employment Commission. Also, both school districts offer comprehensive adult education programs.

To view information on our schools and their performance, please visit the Texas Education Agency


Technical Schools

Central Texas Technology Center (CTTC) – The Central Texas Techology Center (CTTC), located in New Braunfels, serves as the regional workforce development campus for New Braunfels, Seguin and the regional area as well as provides higher education for the local communities. The CTTC offers a wide range of academic, technical and continuing education programs to include associate degrees through the colleges of the Alamo Community College District. Students can complete licensing and certification requirements in many trade programs through specialized curriculum. Workforce training programs can be created or tailored to fit the needs of the local industries as an added benefit.

Colleges and Universities in San Antonio – within a 30-minute radius

Educational Attainment (Age 25 and older) Total  

Less than 9th Grade: 3,048  
Grades 9-12: 3,127  
High School Diploma: 11,256  
Associates Degree: 2,554  
Bachelor’s degree: 7,691  
Master’s Degree: 1,123  
Professional School Degree: 186  
Doctorate Degree: 244        

2013 ACS – 3-yr estimates