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In New Braunfels, Entrepreneurship is Thriving

Small Business plays an important role in building and maintaining the economy here in New Braunfels, and that’s something we know will last. New Braunfels’ future lies in the hands of our local business owners. Their bold ideas and will are what keep New Braunfels moving forward.



New Braunfels EDC has a variety of programs and resources to help foster entrepreneurship: 

Das Spiel - A unique pitching competition where contestants have 90 seconds to pitch their product/idea before a panel of judges and audience. The audience votes to determine 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners. The idea is to encourage entrepreneurs forward with their ideas and practice pitching their product/idea in front of a crowd. In just a few years, time, New Braunfels EDC has held 3 pitch competitions with much success. 

Spark New Braunfels  - the local small business center in New Braunfels offers education, mentorship and access to wide network of other budding entrepreneurs. Best of all, the service is FREE!

CoWork Factory - offers facilities to include open office space, typically with professionals who are either self-employed or operating independently under different employers, but who wish to network, share ideas, collaborate, and work in a productive environment.