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Industry is thriving in New Braunfels, Texas despite the weak economy nationally. Why? New Braunfels is in the heart of the Austin-San Antonio Corridor, offering you a low-cost, strategic location directly on Interstate 35 and minutes from Interstate 10.

Population growth exceeds the state average giving ever-growing markets. Although have low unemployment, the workforce within commuting distance is over 450,000. City employment has increased 75% since 2003.

Business meters area at all time highs and New Braunfels property valuations increased in 2018 over $7 million since 2003 and rose 6.9% over last year. Since 2003, the increase has been a total of 238%

The New Braunfels community boasts a diverse base of businesses including distribution, manufacturing, data centers, health-care related, and aviation industry. Increasing sales tax revenues allows the city to invest heavily in infrastructure and quality of life assets desired by the current and future talent workforce.

New Braunfels businesses utilize the Central Texas Technology Center and nearby colleges and universities to upgrade skills and values.

The primary industries include: