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Long before the rise of the Specialty Food Market, New Braunfels was forming its own food market in the form of smoked goods. In the early days of New Braunfels, the German community did all of their own meat processing and many of the fruits and vegetables were grown at home in gardens. Because of this rich German heritage, many in the surrounding area found New Braunfels residents to be quite proficient at the art of cooking and smoking meats. At one time, there were 19 sausage/smoked meat factories in the area. As early as the 1940’s, New Braunfels Smokehouse has been providing smoked sausage and other foods to the area.

Today, New Braunfels Smokehouse produce tons of prepared meats and cheeses that are sold and shipped around the world. Their catalog sales are accessed by the internet, and the product is cooked, packaged, and shipped to the customer. In addition to these catalog sales, local markets and grocery stores stock their products for daily sales. Specialty products such as jellies, hot sauces, barbeque rubs, and all types of spices and condiments can be purchased.

In 2000, Texas Titos moved their facility from San Antonio to New Braunfels and became the world leader in portion pack jalapenos and portion pack cascabella peppers. In fact, they invented the product category. Tito’s products are shipped worldwide for food service, retail, fast food, convenience stores, concession stands and institutional customers demanding high quality jalapenos and yellow chilies that are conveniently packaged while maintaining fresh flavor and texture.

Recently Tito’s individually packaged jumbo dill pickles have started experiencing the same success as our proven line of single serve jalapenos and single serve peppers. All Tito’s products are certified kosher including this new line of individually wrapped dill pickles in three exciting flavors available with or without brine in the bags!