Accent Food Service

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  • At Accent we are well positioned to service coffee, filtered water and ice, and break room provisions. In what is one of the fastest areas of growth, Accent offers concierge solutions. From delivery of fresh cut fruit, to traditional snacks, beverages and coffee solutions. Whether it is our proprietary blends of coffee, a catered meal, or filtered water and ice, Accent has a solution to serve all our customers. At Accent Food Services, Client/Consumer engagement is priority number one. One of the ways we accomplish this goal is by making it our mission to recruit a diverse and inclusive workforce with a strong focus on our workplace culture. We develop a team that understands our clients/consumers. We also look to connect with our client/consumers by continually adopting the latest communication tool, whether it’s through a call to our friendly customer care team or through the use of the latest technology. At Accent, simple and efficient transactions for our clients/consumers are a must! Accent will continue to innovate with latest in cashless payment, mobile payment applications, rewards/loyalty, and bio-metrics.