With ninety percent of all site selection searches beginning online, and most site selection by non-consulting is performed after business hours and weekends – the internet has become the number one tool for learning about remote communities. Created to speed up, simplify and expand the process of the information gathering, the New Braunfels Prospector has provided a site to meet the needs of site-selection professionals interested in office, retail, industrial, warehouse or vacantland in New Braunfels, TX and has attracted more than 300,000 property hits since its inception in 2006. To view properties on New Braunfels Prospector, click here.

One of the benefits of using NB Prospector is the ability to customize and define searches for sites and property based on location, use and size. More options and reports are available:

  • Matching properties are shown in a comparison list and on the map
  • Provides site specific demographic and workforce data reports in seconds
  • User-defined demographic market analysis reports
  • Nearby businesses may be potential customers, suppliers or competition. A prospective business needs to know the opportunities of a business location.
  • Identify business competition and synergies.
  • Identify industry clusters and potential partners, vendors, etc.
  • Dynamic map features:
    • Aerials
    • Move North, South, East or West
    • School districts
    • Turn Layers of Information on
    • Water providers
    • Zoom in and out
    • Enterprise Zones
    • Parcels
    • Special Use Permits
    • TIF Zones
    • Utilities
    • Zoning