Why New Braunfels?

In the heart of the Texas Hill Country lies the beautiful community of New Braunfels. Communities like this are unique. Refined by old-world German heritage and complemented by an unrivaled quality of life, it’s no wonder this town of 75,000 is visited by more than two million tourists each year and has grown by 77% in the last decade.

The city’s strategic location in Central Texas puts it at almost equal distances between the seventh largest city in the U.S. (San Antonio) and the State Capitol (Austin). This opportunistic placement, along with access to a strong education system, an affordable cost of living, a stable economic climate, and a plethora of recreational opportunities, has created an environment people are flocking to. Ranked as the ninth fastest growing county and 2nd fastest growing city in the nation, the New Braunfels area is experiencing unprecedented growth.

New Braunfels’ astounding beauty and leisure opportunities, coupled with the hospitality of the locals, brings droves of tourists to the community every year. Many come for the beautiful rivers or to visit one of the four top 20 Texas attractions that are located here. Others come for the live music, the festivals, the beautiful downtown and the culture.

Any many come and never leave. While New Braunfels’ physical beauty is well-renowned, the community’s most valuable asset is its residents. New Braunfelsers welcome newcomers with open arms and help them feel like this is the home sweet home they have always been searching for.